My name is Lee Hanyo. I take pictures and video and love telling stories.

While you're reading this, I'm either:

  • Road tripping somewhere 
  • Chasing down my crashed drone 
  • Sitting in my office dreaming of the outdoors 

I love exploration and adventure more than anything. My favorite hobbies include backpacking, cycling, and fishing. One of the greatest joys I get out of those activities is taking pictures and video, documenting those travels and experiences to share with you. One of my biggest goals in life is to inspire people to get out and explore the world. We as humans are just a tiny speck on a massive, beautiful planet. 

I would like to partner with companies that share a similar view to promote brand awareness and get people outside through my photos, videos, and writing. My work has been featured by Travel Alberta, Yahoo! News, VSCO, Tourism Jasper, The Salvation Army, The Guardian, Infuze Hydration, Arizona Hiking, and Discover The Pacific Northwest.

I have also recently ventured into the ultra-endurance cycling realm, with two riding attempts ahead of me in 2018: bikepacking the Arizona Trail, an 800 mile scenic trail that traverses the entire state of Arizona vertically....as well as road cycling 215+ miles from the Southernmost point of Pennsylvania to the Northernmost in under 24 hours. Both attempts will be accompanied by self produced documentaries going live later this year.

If you think we're a good fit for a partnership, hit the contact link at the top of the page and give me a shout, I'd love to hear from you.